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Shawn Lucas PART III: (D.C. Evidence – DNC-Process Server Shawn Lucas and evidence provided by his girlfriend at-the-time)

EXIT 9 Investigations: Series 1 – Shawn Lucas PART III: (D.C. Evidence – DNC-Process Server Shawn Lucas and evidence provided by his girlfriend at-the-time)

We now release the last of the Savannah King interview. Savannah dated Shawn Lucas at-the-time of his mysterious death.

You can read Part I and Part II of the interview.


EXIT 9 INVESTIGATIONS asked Savannah King about any suspicious details she noticed concerning Shawn’s body and the crime scene.  EXIT 9 INVESTIGATIONS present her statement, in-full.

When I went to identify his body at the coroner’s facility with his family, I noticed a second scratch on his left upper cheek, and his upper lip was bruised and puffy. As if something of someone punched him in his mouth. 

That same day I came back to our apartment with his brother, and when walking into the bathroom for the first time since his passing, I found his front tooth on the ground lying on our bathmat. That raised even more suspicions to his brother and me. Also, we searched for any signs of struggle, for example, was the shower curtain tugged or mangled? Were there any marks or dings on the walls? Or if anything seemed out of place? We found nothing like that, though. 

I question the fact that if he fell and hit his head how the gash would be on the top middle of his head? How could something so hard knock out his tooth? Where did these marks on his cheeks come from? An even bigger question, why were his keys, phone, and wallet just sitting in our sink? I ask this to myself because he 100% of the time hangs up his keys next to our front door, and places his wallet on our front entrance table.



The autopsy report stated that his drug report showed a combination of 3 drugs, including fentanyl, kratom, and a muscle relaxer. The muscle relaxers he was prescribed. That showing up in his system wasn’t a surprise to me. The fentanyl and kratom have my mind blown and confused. So the cause was considered “combined adverse effects of drugs.” The report did not make any note at any point about the suspicious marks on several parts of his body though.
Screenshot_2019-09-15 Shawn Lucas (D C Suspicions)(4)
A detailed and thorough report stating and going thru each area of his body that all was in perfect condition. I have reasons to believe the autopsy report was tampered with and false. I, unfortunately, I was not able to get further information about it since Shawn and I were not married, and me only being a girlfriend, I couldn’t dig further into this case surrounding his death. I begged his mother to do some research more on his death, but she refused to believe it was anything more than an overdose.”


Shawn Lucas and his girlfriend Savannah King lived in the Dupont Circle district of Washington D.C. This is two miles from the Bloomingdale district where DNC-Employee Seth Rich was murdered.



According to Savannah, Detective Greene, badge #02-1515 and D.C. Metro Officer Fitzgerald #7673 laughed at her when she made a comment about Shawn’s death possibly being connected to Seth Rich’s murder.

The police state that his death was all due to an accidental overdose. They deemed it unrelated to any political retaliation. In fact, laughed in my face when I brought that up to them. Given Seth Rich, who got shot minutes away from our neighborhood just days prior. My gut tells me they know something and aren’t telling the public, keeping dirty secrets that they know would get the public fuming.


  • The police didn’t question any neighbors nor Savannah King.
  • The police examined the crime scene in the apartment for five-six hours.
  • The police left-behind Shawn’s tooth.  A vital piece of evidence.
  • The police didn’t find the keys and wallet in the sink suspicious.
  • The police treated Shawn’s death as a “natural death”.
  • The police found no trace of drugs in the apartment. No Fentanyl and no Kratom.
  • The D.C. Medical Examiner tested for Fentanyl and Kratom – results were positive.


We asked Savannah King what type of person Shawn Lucas was.

Shawn was, without a doubt, the friend that you would be super grateful to have. He’d drop anything to make sure his loved ones and friends were taken care of, and he helped in ways unimaginable, going above and beyond. He had the biggest heart and brought out the best in everyone.

He was the life of the party and did a kick-ass job spreading positivity everywhere he went. He was a hard worker, dedicated to anything he did in life, chased his dreams, and succeeded. He made such an impact on the lives of so many people, he was a true legend in the DC area, and people looked up to him; he was the greatest mentor and sweetest soul. I could write novels more on who he was, but words can’t even describe the type of amazing man he was.

EXIT 9 Investigations is producing a docu-series based on our cases.  Shawn Lucas will be featured, as we are showing a reenactment, providing new evidence, and eyewitness statements.

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This is an official EXIT 9 investigation.

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Shawn Lucas PART II: (D.C. Connections – DNC-Employee Seth Rich & DNC Process Server Shawn Lucas)

EXIT 9 Investigations: Series 1 – Shawn Lucas PART II:(D.C. Death Connections – Seth Rich)

Savannah King’s statement to EXIT 9 Investigations:

“The police state that his death was all due to an accidental overdose. They deemed it unrelated to any political retaliation. In fact, they laughed in my face when I brought that up to them.  Given Seth Rich had got shot in broad daylight minutes away from our neighborhood just weeks prior.”

What is the connection between Shawn Lucas and Seth Rich?  They lived near each other, both were politically involved but they never met in-person.  The real link is the timing of their deaths.  Shawn Lucas was discussed in Part I.

SUNDAY, JULY 10, 2016


On July 10 of 2016, DNC-Staffer Seth Rich was shot twice in the back while walking to his residence in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington DC.  The initial motive was believed to be related to a botched robbery, although no items were taken from Seth’s possession.

According to D.C. Metro Police:

At approximately 4:19 am, members of the Fifth District were patrolling the area when they heard gunshots. Upon arrival on the scene, members located an adult male victim conscious and breathing and suffering from gunshot wounds. The victim was transported to an area hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.

During 2016, there were 301 homicides and 205 shootings in D.C. that resulted in homicides.  Seth Rich was the only homicide in 2016 of a white male within the vicinity of the Bloomingdale neighborhood.

(2016 D.C. homicides)


The other victims were:

Otis Byrd (Unsolved)

44 years, male, black


Omar Lindsay (Unsolved)

42 years, male, black


Eric Garrett

23 years, male, black


Jamar Morris (Unsolved)

28 years, male, black


The last caucasian to be murdered near the area was in 2005.

Diana Ngbokoto

30 years, female, white

Beating and/or trauma

The theories that surround Seth’s death and the possibility of a planned murder line-up with the history of the area’s crime rate demographic.  Due to Seth’s connection to the DNC and possibly WikiLeaks – it’s hard to overlook the lingering holes in the investigation.  Robberies in Washington D.C. are not uncommon, but usually, items are taken from the victim; Seth Rich had all his belongings intact.

In 2015 a trail of robberies took place in the D.C. area; it spanned through Capitol Hill, 13th street and several other locations including Chevy Cha Village.  The assailants ordered the victims to their knees, demanded the authorization codes to any devices and their wallets/jewelry.  One of the victims spoke to the Washington Post about the incident.

I heard a couple of quick steps, then felt a gun in my back,” he said. They took his phone and wallet but left without the code to his accounts. “I was so frazzled by the whole thing,”

According to the Daily Mail, the police believe Seth’s murder to be a product of a botched robbery:  “The Bloomingdale area that Rich had been walking in at the time of his murder had been terrorized by a recent string of armed robberies. In fact, [Daily Mail reporter Alana] Goodman found that Rich’s murder occurred at a street corner where two other robberies occurred. Goodman described the corner as “a desolate-looking residential block shielded by new construction sites and notably absent of surveillance cameras. 

Wikileaks offered a $20,000 reward for information on Seth Rich’s murder.

Assange’s cryptic statement.

There’s a 27-year-old that works for the DNC who was shot in the back, murdered, just two weeks ago, for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington… I am suggesting that our sources, take risks and they, they become concerned to see things occurring like that

Seth Rich was alive when cops arrived on the scene.  Did the body cameras capture any evidence related to the murder?

C_9ijWXUAAAnbwq.jpg large

(first responders on the scene of Seth Rich shooting)



The lawyers involved in the DNC lawsuit Jared and Elizabeth Beck were suspicious of Shawn Lucas’s death, along with Seth Rich’s “botched robbery.”  Shawn and Seth were potential witnesses in the DNC Fraud Lawsuit.

Statement from website Zero Hedge:

”Jared Beck told Disobedient Media that Lucas would have served as a witness in order to rebut the defendant’s contention that process was incorrectly served. This would have included a sworn declaration from Lucas; Beck stated that footage of Lucas serving process had been introduced as evidence in the case in his stead, due to the unexpected death.”




According to America First Media Group; a private security firm known as Crowdstrike received payments from the DNC that correlates to Shawn Lucas and Seth Rich’s dates of deaths.


Savannah King also stated to EXIT 9 Investigations about Shawn Lucas:

“When I went to identify his body at the coroner’s facility with his family, I noticed a second scratch on his left upper cheek and his upper lip was bruised and puffy. As if something of someone punched him in his mouth.”

When asked about Shawn’s demeanor after serving the DNC lawsuit, she said:

“Shawn wasn’t nervous if anything filled with excitement knowing he accomplished something he was passionate about politically.  No death threats were received just your typical hate comments on the viral video.  However, I myself received death threats following the time of his death, on several occasions I’m guessing it was surrounded by the fact that I was his long-time partner.”

Want to know more about the case?  What other details surround Shawn’s death?  What was found in the bathroom sink?  Did the cops find any traces of drugs in the apartment that matched what was in his system?

Part III reveals.

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This is an official EXIT 9 investigation.

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Shawn Lucas: (D.C. Suspicions – The Death of a DNC Process Server)

EXIT 9 Investigations: Series 1 – Shawn Lucas:(D.C. Suspicions – The Death of a DNC Process Server)

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Exit 9 Investigations interviewed Shawn Lucas’ girlfriend at-the-time of his death, Savannah King.  We’ve been in communication since 2016 but she is finally ready to speak about the investigation.

This is an exclusive look at the case from a first-hand perspective.

38-year-old Process Server Shawn Lucas rose to fame through a video live-streamed of himself accompanied by a cameraman entering the DNC headquarters on July 1, 2016, to serve a lawsuit related to the misconduct of then DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman.  The video went viral and provided insight into Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC’s agenda into suppressing the platform and votes of the Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

The revelation of the lawsuit took place less than three weeks before the July 22, 2016, WikiLeaks/DNC dump of emails that would prove the allegations against the DNC to be true; Debbie Wasserman resigned from her position after the revelations.

FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2016

Shawn Lucas was asked by friend Brandon Yoshimura if he wanted to take a one-time job as a process server for One Source Process. Shawn Lucas was an avid Bernie Sanders supporter and jumped at the chance to serve a lawsuit to the Democratic National Committee and DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The lawsuit ‘Carol Wilding v. DNC Services Corporation‘ claimed that the DNC Charter was rigged in favor of candidate Hillary Clinton over her opponent Bernie Sanders. It was spearheaded by lawyers Jared Beck and Elizabeth Beck.

Shawn appeared at the DNC headquarters in Washington D.C. with camera operator Ricardo O. Villalba. The lawsuit was served to DNC special assistant, Rebeca Herries.


Shawn and Savannah were to attend a three-day festival in Pennsylvania. Bad weather postponed the trip.


Since they were stuck-in town; Shawn decided to accept a bartending job he’d been offered. The bar was a 15-minute walk from his apartment in Dupont.

He worked from 11 am until 2 pm.  Savannah was working an 8am-6pm shift.

Shawn texted Savannah at 2:30 pm but never responded after that.

Screenshot_2019-08-20 Shawn Lucas Updates (November 1) - Darth Frank, The Tank

Below is Savannah King’s full statement about discovering Shawn Lucas’ body.

Every day that I arrived home from work, the minute I walk thru the front door I’m greeted by him instantly.  However, this day was way different. We lived in a 3 bedroom apartment and typically hung out in the room closest to the front door, which we turned into a living room area. This is where he’d typically be whenever I got home. So when I walked inside that day not hearing a ‘Hey babe’ was strange to me. I checked the front room the TV and lights were on, he wasn’t there.

I made my way down our unusually long hallway, passing our bedroom not seeing any sign of him there either. Then checked the bathroom, to see him on the floor face down on his stomach.  I immediately called 911 and it took them a while to arrive.  It being DC traffic I can understand why.  His skin was patchy blue and pale, due to what I assumed was livor mortis of his skin, and his skin was cold to the touch. 

He had a pretty noticeable round gash on the top center of his head as well as what looked like a large deep scratch down his right cheek.  However, there wasn’t an excessive amount of blood anywhere, just a tiny bit on the bathmat. Our bathroom was rather small.  The space between the wall and bathtub very narrow, which was where his body was positioned. With him being a heavier guy, it was nearly impossible for me to flip him onto his back to give him CPR.  Especially given the little to no space for me to even attempt to roll him onto his back. 

Once police/ambulance arrived there was nothing they could do, he’d been considered deceased by the coroner immediately upon arrival.  The police officers had me wait in the living room and one officer was told to keep watch on me while they proceeded to go around our home taking pictures and investigating for a total of 5 hours.

From 7pm-12am, which I find totally suspicious to this day.  They forced me to remain seated on our couch while they continued on.  I wasn’t even allowed to go to my own kitchen for water, as I was breaking down.  I got a very strange vibe from the entire crew in our apartment that night.  I don’t know what they were either looking for or using those pictures for.  Nobody answered a single question I asked and instead, ignored my existence.  Another thing I find sketchy is how the detective never questioned me about anything except for the exact time I found him.  He didn’t bother asking neighbors either. Shawn was far from a drug user, in fact, he despised drugs considering the number of friends he’s lost.  He was a healthy man, with zero health issues.

(Shawn Lucas Incident Report)



The Office of D.C. Chief Medical Examiner relayed Shawn’s death as an accident due to a mixture of drugs.

His autopsy showed several drugs in his system.

Fentanyl – Synethic opioid

Cyclobenzaprine – Muscle relaxer

Mitragynine – Kratom; a natural herb

Savannah doesn’t have a copy of Shawn’s autopsy as D.C.’s medical privacy laws dictate the release of that information only to immediate family members.

Savannah King stated to EXIT 9 Investigations:

The muscle relaxers he was prescribed. That showing up in his system wasn’t a surprise to me. The fentanyl and kratom have me mind blown and confused.  So the cause was considered ‘combined adverse effects of drugs.’  The report did not make any note at any point about the suspicious marks on several parts of his body though.

A detailed and thorough report stating and going through each area of his body, that all was in perfect condition.  I have reasons to believe the autopsy report was tampered with and false.  I, unfortunately, was not able to get further information about it since Shawn and I were not married, and me only being a girlfriend I couldn’t dig further into this case surrounding his death.

Want to know everything we know about the investigation into Shawn Lucas?  Part II reveals more of the Savannah King interview and provides the links between Shawn Lucas and Seth Rich.



This is an official EXIT 9 investigation.

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William Colby – The Death of a CIA Director (QUICK CASE 9)

Quick Case 9 summarizes mysterious cases in the same fashion as our Exit 9I Series.

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Willam Colby was the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) from 1973 to 1976, serving under President Nixon and President Ford.  Colby was an essential part of the release of the Family Jewels, which revealed illegal activities and misconduct that took place between the 1950s-1970s during the CIA’S developmental stages.  Two of the most significant illicit programs were Project Mockingbird, a propaganda platform that infiltrated mainstream media with false stories and Operation Phoenix – an assassination detail during the Vietnam War with a body count that exceeds 40,000.

Not only was William Colby a different type of CIA Director; he also exhibited traces of revealing more truth through his work after leaving the CIA.  Following the Cold War, Colby insisted that half of the Pentagons budget be redirected to social and education programs, of course, this never manifested.  Colby’s CIA position became a casualty of President Ford’s cabinet overhaul (Halloween Massacre) along with National Security Adviser, Henry Kissinger and Secretary of Defense, James Schlesinger.  Colby was replaced with George H.W. Bush due to his straightforward persona and connection to the release of the Family Jewels.

He established a law firm Colby, Miller & Hanes, which focused on legislative issues for the public; Colby’s experience within international affairs became a valued asset.  William Colby was married to his first wife Barbara from 1945-1984 and married Sally Shelton, an American diplomat in 1984 – staying together until his death in 1996.  Colby retired to Rock Point, Maryland and settled into a two-bedroom cottage; his house was surrounded by water on three sides of the property.  He maintained a simple lifestyle; there were no cameras or extra security measures at his home.





76-year-old William Colby went on a solo canoe trip on the Wicomico River, located a quarter mile or so from his cottage.  He took no life jacket and left his house as if he was returning soon.  The police report states he left the cabin around 8 p.m. and traveled in the darkness down the river.  Colby’s neighbors Clyde and Alice Stokes stated they saw him through their window around 7:15 pm.  Colby’s lawn caretaker, Carroll Wise also arrived around 7:15 pm and was the last individual to speak to him.

The purple indicates the area around Rock Point/Colby’s house and the connection to the Wicomico River to the left of the island.


SUNDAY: APRIL 28, 1996

Around noon on April 28, 29-year-old Kevin Akers located Colby’s canoe near where Neale Sound runs into the Wicomico River.  The canoe was tilted on its side and was filled with white sand.  According to Akers, it had not been there the day before.  Kevin Akers lived in the area and was a local handyman who had no prior connection to William Colby.  Colby’s neighbor, Alice Stokes called the police Sunday afternoon when she noticed Colby hadn’t returned yet.

(Colby’s canoe: credit Zalin Grant)


MONDAY: APRIL 29, 1996

A search began for William Colby, aided by Navy divers, local police and volunteers.  Statements from his friends and neighbors confirmed Colby always took a life jacket with him.  He brought a life jacket on his trip but didn’t wear it; the jacket has never been found.

Screenshot_2019-04-20 News Newspaper Archives, May 6, 1996 NewspaperArchive®

MONDAY: MAY 6, 1996

William Colby’s remains were recovered 40 meters from where the canoe had been found.

The official autopsy report listed his cause of death as drowning and hypothermia.

(Associated Press: 1996)




Mark Davis – Witnessed Colby at the marina from 11 to 5:30 pm.

Joseph “Carroll” Wise – Caretaker of Colby’s property.  Last person to talk to Colby.

Clyde and Alice Stokes – Colby’s neighbors; they witnessed the last conversation between Carroll Wise and Colby.  Alice is the one who called the police regarding Colby’s disappearance.

Kevin Akers – He was the first to witness the crime scene and found Colby’ canoe.



Zalin Grant’s theory and evidence presented in his article “William E. Colby: A Highly Suspicious Death” is the best information on Colby’s death.  He stated multiple flaws in the investigation and demonstrated how Colby was killed.

The newest project on William Colby’s life is by Colby’s son, Carl.  “The Man, Nobody, Knew: In Search of My Father, CIA Spymaster William Colby” explored his father’s life in the CIA and beyond.

This is an official EXIT9I article.

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Kurt Sova PART IV: (Eugene Kvet FIOA and Crime Scene Photos)

EXIT 9 Investigations: Series 1 – Kurt Sova PART IV:(Eugene Kvet FIOA and Crime Scene Photos)

Pre-order the new book “Kurt Sova: My Journey Into An Unsolved Mystery” which details my entire investigation and the EXIT 9 case file.


Read Part III.

EXIT 9I filed a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT (FOIA) on Eugene Kvet in 2016 and have requested copies of Kurt Sova & Eugene Kvet’s autopsy records as of 2019 to shed more light on the timeline of their deaths and the investigation.  The F.B.I. stated they didn’t have any files on Eugene’s death.







His body was found on the 1st of February, 1982.  We believe he went missing around the 27th/28th of January because he was buried on the 5th of February, 1982.  This would be the same amount of days Kurt was also missing.

  • Wednesday, January 27, 1982 – Fog
  • Thursday, January 28, – Snow
  • Friday, January 29, – Clear
  • Saturday, January 30 – Fog/Rain
  • Sunday, January 31 – Fog/Rain/Snow
  • DATE OF BODY FOUND: Monday, February 1, 1982
  • This was a WAXING CRESCENT moon phase. 51% Illuminated. The weather was clear and had a temp of 20 degrees.


They both had vanished for 4-5 days before their bodies were found in the same area that they were reported missing from.

  • Both had missing right shoes.

  • Kurt (17) & Eugene (15) were around the same age.

  • We have from a source that Eugene Kvet was wearing a white/grey coat.  Kurt Sova was wearing a yellow shirt when he went missing.

  • Inclement weather patterns surrounding both cases during the period of time that they disappeared.

  • The bodies of Eugene & Kurt both had minimum damage, including bruises & a few scratches.


EXIT 9I obtained three photos that show the position of Eugene’s body in the ravine.

1. (Police/EMT searching for a route down to the body)


2. (Eugene Kvet’s body at the bottom of the ravine)


3. (Eugene Kvet’s right shoe missing)



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This is an official EXIT 9 investigation.

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Kurt Sova PART III: (*To Protect and Serve Newburgh Heights)

EXIT 9 Investigations: Series 1 – Kurt Sova PART III: (To Protect and Serve Newburgh Heights)

Pre-order the new book “Kurt Sova: My Journey Into An Unsolved Mystery” which details my entire investigation and the EXIT 9 case file.


Read Part II.

The following is an excerpt from the CCPCA (Cuyahoga County Police Chiefs Association).



“Newburgh Township was organized as a governmental unit on October 15, 1814.  The Township extended from Warrensville to old Brooklyn on the west, with the Cuyahoga River as the boundary to the south the limit was Independence Township.  Mill Creek provided the area with water power for a grist mill that stood in the general area of Miles and Broadway.  The Ohio Canal played a role in the early transportation of the area. A lock was located on Old Harvard Road.  The records show that Gains Burke, a one-legged, one-armed man served the area as the first Constable.”


“On February 25, 1904, the village of Newburgh Heights was incorporated.  At that time Anton Eddel served as marshal, assisted by one patrolman. Newburgh Heights gained its first notoriety with the local enforcement group called “raiding squads.”  Each suburban mayor and justice of the peace had a crew of deputies, who had authority to search out and apprehend violators of Prohibition.  It was easy to spot a still as the fermenting mash sent out tell-tale evidence. Armed with “John Doe” warrants, the crews could operate countrywide. Competing bootleggers would allegedly tip-off crews in other communities. The total loot of spirits would be confiscated, and the equipment dismantled or smash.”


James F. Lukas became the Newburgh Heights Police Chief on January 1, 1976; he was 32.  He was in charge of modernizing the police department, with the backing of the city council and Mayor; updating the equipment for the transition into the 1980s.  New equipment included a new filing system, a LEADS machine, a breathalyzer, and others.  He also implemented a detective bureau, traffic unit, a warrants division, and a juvenile jail system.  Chief Lukas stated during that time “These were problem areas and putting a specialist in charge pretty much cleared them up.

( An early 1980’s breathalyzer)


During its height of performance under Chief Lukas, the department had fifteen active officers (one female), two K-9 canines, seven civilian dispatchers, eight auxiliary police, and five traffic crossing officers.  At the time of his service as Police Chief, Lukas was married to his wife Barbara for fifteen years and had four children.  James Lukas who served as Newburgh Height’s Police Chief (1976-1984) falsified documents for a police dispatcher and was found to have a criminal history, including a conviction for dereliction of duty.  He defended the investigation of the Kurt Sova case by stating to The Plain Dealer newspaper in 1991:

“That’s not even fair. What happened was completely unrelated.  That’s the only part I take offense to. That (Sova) case was handled on the up and up.” – James Lukas


Former Detective Robert Carras pleaded guilty to striking Eric Kotonski of Newburgh Heights with a flashlight during a drunken-driving arrest in December 1990; kicking John Rogers of Cleveland as Rogers lay handcuffed after a February 1989 abduction and harassment arrest; pulling Larry Villanueva’s hair during questioning about a February 1989 break-in; and striking Donal Geib across the face during the same interrogation.  Carras was also convicted on drug and corruption charges. 

 The Assistant Prosecutor James A. Gutierrez for Cuyahoga County questioned Robert Carras in 1990 about his involvement in covering up the case and/or Kurt’s death.  Nothing materialized, and Carras eventually went silent regarding the investigation, refusing to be questioned by The Plain Dealer in 1991 and the Cuyahoga Sheriffs Department.

*The below statement is from the Associated Press:

CLEVELAND (AP) _ A former police officer serving a 4 1/2 year prison term on drug charges pleaded guilty Monday to mistreating suspects.”

“Robert Carras, 41, of suburban Newburgh Heights originally pleaded innocent to five federal charges of kicking, hitting and pulling the hair of suspects.  Carras pleaded guilty to the charges before U.S. District Court Judge Thomas D. Lambros, who sentenced him to a 51-month term concurrent with his drug sentence. Assistant U.S. Attorney Clarence Taylor said Carras changed his plea in exchange for the concurrent term. The former police officer was charged with brutalizing suspects in four separate incidents. Carras pleaded guilty to striking Eric Kotonski of Newburgh Heights with a flashlight during a drunken-driving arrest in December 1990; kicking John Rogers of Cleveland as Rogers lay handcuffed after a February 1989 abduction and harassment arrest; pulling Larry Villanueva’s hair during questioning about a February 1989 break-in; and striking Donal Geib across the face during the same interrogation.  He also pleaded guilty to handcuffing a Cleveland taxi driver, James Stipetich, to a hot radiator after a confrontation.  Carras was convicted in December 1990 of 76 counts of aggravated drug trafficking and 76 counts of illegal processing of drug documents. Carras was convicted of forging prescriptions for Percocet, an addictive painkiller.”

We explore the case of Eugene Kvet in PART IV.

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This is an official EXIT 9 investigation.

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The Breitbart Toe Tag PART III: (Still Hating Breitbart)

EXIT 9 Investigations: Series 1 – The Breitbart Toe Tag Part III: (Still Hating Breitbart)


Screenshot_2020-03-13 Kindle Cover Creator

Suspicious deaths; corruption; the use of poison; this case has all the similarities of a classic spy film.  Andrew Breitbart’s influence among the right-wing consciousness during the time period of 2009-2012 should not be ignored when it comes to our current cycle of politics.  EXIT 9 has aligned Andrew Breitbart’s Twitter timeline with other facts – creating a clear look at his life near the end of his physical presence on earth, and piecing together the crime scene with key details from the investigation.

Andrew’s sense of humor was a quality mentioned by people who knew him best.  Fox News commentator and comedian Greg Gutfeld has stated:

First, Andrew was one of the deepest, funniest, smartest individuals I’ve ever met — and the world deserves to know him. Most people know of my relationship with A.B. — though I don’t talk about it much unless I’m asked.

This same humor was prevalent on Twitter for targeting trolls, Breitbart retweeted every critique, slur, and threat geared towards him – a defense tactic that Breitbart contributed to so he could show the true side of what he deemed “Internet Comment Infiltration” of the left.  His Twitter-timeline resembles the hateful YouTube comments often found on videos featuring Breitbart.  There’s even a bot dedicated to him on Twitter, each day it reminds it’s followers that “Andrew Breitbart is dead.


Screenshot-2018-7-5 Dead RWNJ Bot ( deadRWNJbot) TwitterScreenshot-2018-7-5 deadrwnjbot andrew breitbart - Twitter Search

In-reality – Breitbart wouldn’t have minded the hate; this is the same man who caused a firestorm after Senator Ted Kennedy’s death when he tweeted that Ted Kennedy was a “pile of human excrement” and filmed an infamous documentary under the title of “Hating Breitbart.”  There’s even a Retweet on Andrew Breitbart’s timeline that captures the amount of passionate hate geared towards him, and how it would be “studied by future students.”

Screenshot-2018-7-5 Tweets with replies by AndrewBreitbart ( AndrewBreitbart) Twitter

And let’s not only take a look at the hateful propaganda fueled towards him before his death – people are still providing Andrew Breitbart’s Twitter account with a barrage of comments aimed at discrediting his ideology.

Screenshot-2018-7-4 andrew breitbart - Twitter Search(3)Screenshot-2018-7-4 andrew breitbart - Twitter Search(1)

  What does this say about Andrew Breitbart’s death?  A lot.  This clearly shows a motive that he had enough people threatening his existence, providing substance to the suspicions regarding his untimely passing.


Andrew Breitbart consistently took on the Democrats and the establishment of the Left; he was an outspoken critic of the hypocrisy that the mainstream media showed towards liberals compared to conservatives.  He often tweeted against Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Barack Obama, David Brock, and liberal-minded journalists, just to name a few.

The Left’s hypocrisy.

Screenshot-2018-7-4 Tweets with replies by AndrewBreitbart ( AndrewBreitbart) Twitter(4)

Screenshot-2018-7-6 Tweets with replies by AndrewBreitbart ( AndrewBreitbart) Twitter

John Podesta & David Brock

Breitbart’s tweets often targeted John Podesta.  John Podesta is President Clinton’s former Chief of Staff and was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager for her failed Democratic candidacy for the 2016 Presidential election.  He would later be front-and-center of an email hack released by WikiLeaks in 2016 and exposed for strange email correspondence within the Clinton staff – including one particular email that led to the conspiracy theory known as “PizzaGate.” 

PizzaGate is a theory that relays between James Alefantis (owner of Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria) and his connection to Hillary Clinton’s campaign (through fundraisers), his connection to David Brock (his former lover and Democratic operative) and John and Tony Podesta, both friends and art aficionados.  The theory states that “children are being exploited by the Democratic-side of politics.”  We won’t dive into that here (EXIT 9I is merely showing a connection of between the individuals) below you can clearly see physical evidence linking the five of them to the association (Hillary Clinton, James Alefantis, David Brock, John, and Tony Podesta).

John Podesta Pizza Emails




Tony Podesta’s favorite art (CAUTION: GRAPHIC IMAGES BELOW)



James Alefantis’ Instagram Account




David Brock


James Alefantis and David Brock


Breitbart regularly took on David Brock; a Liberal political operative who founded Media Matters for America and with the help of George Soros in 2010 created a Super PAC for Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates.  David Brock’s tactics are considered “aggressive” as he employs Bots and Trolls to conduct “Internet Comment Infiltration.”  In 2012 he was blackmailed by an ex-lover for $850,000 in-regards to crucial information of Donors and IRS documents he had on Media Matters for America.

(Andrew Breitbart died two days after this tweet below)

Screenshot-2018-7-5 AndrewBreitbart ( AndrewBreitbart) Twitter(4)

Screenshot-2018-7-5 AndrewBreitbart on Twitter(1)

Screenshot-2018-7-5 AndrewBreitbart ( AndrewBreitbart) Twitter(5)

Screenshot-2018-7-6 Tweets with replies by AndrewBreitbart ( AndrewBreitbart) Twitter(7)Screenshot-2018-7-6 Tweets with replies by AndrewBreitbart ( AndrewBreitbart) Twitter(8)Screenshot-2018-7-6 Tweets with replies by AndrewBreitbart ( AndrewBreitbart) Twitter(11)

David Brock also orchestrated a digital attack towards the Bernie Sanders campaign – this resulted in discrediting and engaging within Pro-Bernie Sanders groups on Facebook to bring-forth their Pro-Hillary Clinton efforts.  Brock has recently been connected to a campaign where he used $700,000 to fund women who had sexual assault claims against President Trump.

Below are tweets from 2010, 2011 & 2012 about John Podesta and David Brock’s Media Matters for America.




Screenshot-2018-7-4 Tweets with replies by AndrewBreitbart ( AndrewBreitbart) Twitter(1)Screenshot-2018-7-4 Tweets with replies by AndrewBreitbart ( AndrewBreitbart) Twitter(2)

Rape within the Left

Occupy Wallstreet was a series of protests starting on September 17, 2011, held by Pro-Democratic supporters in response to the Tea Party’s movement.  The real reason the demonstrations took place was to rail against the financial system; Occupy was openly supported by then-President Obama.  Several rapes took place, one during Occupy Glasgow and another during Occupy Cleveland.

Screenshot-2018-7-5 Tweets with replies by AndrewBreitbart ( AndrewBreitbart) Twitter(2)Screenshot-2018-7-5 Tweets with replies by AndrewBreitbart ( AndrewBreitbart) Twitter(3)

Screenshot-2018-7-5 AndrewBreitbart on Twitter #Occupy rapes, filth, drum circles part of Caucasian pathetic leftist Gaia f[...]

Screenshot-2018-7-5 AndrewBreitbart ( AndrewBreitbart) Twitter(1)



 Andrew Breitbart proclaimed on February 9, 2012, at the 2012 Blog Bash/CPAC Party to Larry Sinclair of Sinclair News about the Obama video(s):

Wait ’til they see what happens March 1st.”  


(Larry Sinclair & Andrew Breitbart)

*Side Note: Larry Sinclair is the same man who made accusations against then-Senator Obama in 2008 — he claimed to have performed oral sex and took cocaine with Obama in the late ’90s.  His televised press conference can be seen here.

Larry Sinclair on Andrew Breitbart:

Andrew’s never attacked me.  Hes kept an open mind. He says I’m either the most psychotic son of a bitch he’s ever met or I’m 100 percent telling the truth.


Andrew Breitbart gave a passionate speech at CPAC and made a shocking statement about President Obama and the upcoming election:

I’ve got video from his college days that show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change were sold in 2008… the videos are going to come out.” 


On the night of February 29th, 2012, Breitbart arrived at a Los Angeles hotspot called the Brentwood.  He mostly kept to himself, tweeting back at other Twitter users and sipping on red wine.  A random conversation sparked with marketing executive Arthur Sando about the current state of politics.


Screenshot-2018-7-5 AndrewBreitbart ( AndrewBreitbart) Twitter(3)

Andrew Breitbart engaged with Trolls on twitter.  This account registered to “Jacob Rice” was created the night of the 29th (it says “joined March 2012” because of the east coast/west coast time difference), as it was strictly made to Tweet at Andrew Breitbart – stopping only once he’s dead.  He even makes an attempt to tweet at @AnonyOps about participating in “Ground Ops.


Screenshot-2018-7-5 Jacob Rice ( twatter59) Twitter

Screenshot-2018-7-5 Jacob Rice ( twatter59) Twitter(2)

Referring to Trolls: “I hope they pay well.

Screenshot-2018-7-6 Tweets with replies by AndrewBreitbart ( AndrewBreitbart) Twitter(9)

February 29, 2012, At 8:32 pm, Andrew Breitbart tweeted to a Troll – more than likely referring to the Obama video(s) he was to release on March 1.

Screenshot-2018-7-4 AndrewBreitbart on Twitter

Andrew Breitbart’s last tweet is a retweet of the account that Jacob Rice had tweeted to about joining “Ground Ops.” 

Screenshot-2018-7-6 AndrewBreitbart ( AndrewBreitbart) Twitter

Breitbart finished his conversation with Arthur Sando – he then made paid his bill and headed home around 11:30 p.m.

Breitbart exited the bar.


He started to cross the street.


He was headed to the parking lot adjacent to Starbucks.


He approached the curb and collapsed; his head landing near an electrical box on the sidewalk and his feet near the two newspaper stands.


An eyewitness (Christopher Lasseter) to the death of Andrew Breitbart described the scene to investigative journalist Paul Huebl and was published on WND.


(Christopher Lasseter)

There was a thick white band around his forehead all the way around his hairline, bright red face, thick, thick white band – made me make a double-take.

What are the motives for killing Andrew Breitbart?

Election season 2012

Hillary Clinton 2016

Andrew Breitbart was a mouthpiece that wouldn’t shut up and a force to be reckoned with. There’s no doubt that the Democrats viewed him as a threat to society, a “domestic conservative terrorist” of sorts as the Left would have considered it. Andrew Breitbart was not only active on Twitter, we showcased his Twitter timeline to give a better insight on how he used the platform. He was also known for his documentaries “Hating Breitbart” and “Occupied Unmasked.”

The 2012 election was crucial to President Obama and any controversial video(s) would’ve been a steep downfall, especially equipped with Breitbart’s media platforms and his agenda for producing media to discredit the left – according to a source – a documentary on President Obama in 2012 was planned, and would’ve included the Professor Bell “Race Video” and potentially others.  As you can see in his Tweets, he viciously went after the Democrats biggest players, all by himself. 

Could Breitbart’s death be the first instance of a political-based murder committed by an online Troll, or an operative acting in the interest of one of the many online groups geared toward attacking Conservative leaders?


We only ask these questions, not solely based on Andrew Breitbart’s death and the testing of cyanide, but on the discrepancies told by the LA Coroner’s Office regarding the death and connection of Michael Cormier to Andrew Breitbart’s autopsy.

Before his death, Andrew Breitbart met with Sheriff Arpaio regarding Obama’s birth certificate; Breitbart was to released the “Obama video(s)” on March 1, and he also planned-on “Vetting” President Obama’s roots – something that had not been done successfully by the mainstream media.  On May 17, 2012, Breitbart News released an article showing that President Obama’s own literary agency stated that he was born in Kenya; an error committed by a literary editor at-the-time.  Andrew Breitbart would’ve used this information to attack Obama’s 2012 reelection chances.


The videos below are more proof that Andrew Breitbart was a threat to those who he went to war with.

We are not finished with this investigation; the remainder of the case will be published in the upcoming book “The Breitbart Toe Tag (The Connection of Michael Cormier & Andrew Breitbart). 

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This is an official EXIT 9 investigation.

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