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Christopher Thompkins Part II: (Follow the Clues Update)

EXIT 9 Investigations: Series 1 – Christopher Thompkins PART II: (Follow The Clues Update)

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Initially, Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley oversaw the investigation; the Harris County Sheriff’s Office concluded that Christoper walked off the job site on his own accord.  The G.B.I. (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) has assisted in the case of Christopher Thompkins since Christopher’s family and the National Joshua Generation Empowerment Movement requested Sheriff Jolley to turn over the matter.


EXIT 9I examined the details of Christopher’s case; we assembled an outline and investigative map to showcase the crime scene.  Also included are questions to be posed regarding the day Christopher went missing.

Listed below are bodies of water close to the crime scene.

Cunningham Lake: 5,011 ft.

Faulkner Lake: 4,322 ft.

Jenkins Lake: 5,274 ft.

Those are the three most significant bodies of water located near where Christopher went missing; the remaining are reservoirs, ponds, streams, creeks, and watering holes.  Have these spots been checked by professional dive crews?

Screenshot_2018-10-04 Missing Persons - Christopher Tompkinssss

Christopher’s missing shoe was found 3,777 ft on the other side of the property he initially was last seen at.


The fence line separates an open field from the highway.  On the other side of the open field is a dense area of trees.

The bird’s-eye view shows the correlation of the fence line, the open field, and the dense trees.


Two separate viewpoints of the highway where Christopher went missing.

viewpoint of missing location 3viewpoint of missing location 2

There are multiple theories of how a wild animal or “creature” could’ve snatched Christopher without his co-workers noticing.  This would be nearly impossible, given the openness of the area, and the volume of traffic both Mehaffey Road and Manchester Highway encounter on a daily basis.  Was a trail of blood located?  We would assume no since it was not listed in the initial findings.  This should eliminate the wild animal theory.

EXIT 9I requested that a retired F.B.I. Agent take a look at the summary of the evidence provided.  They presented a list of questions/checklist that would be explored in an official investigation.

  • Christopher’s email address (Did he have contact with someone through an online chatroom or the dark web?)
  • Christopher’s religion.
  • Christopher’s school connections (former students, friends)
  • Christopher’s sexuality (was he Straight, Bisexual, or Homosexual)
  • Christopher’s history of drug use and/or mental illness.
  • Christopher’s hobbies outside of work.
  • Christopher’s availability during the time period before he went missing.  Did he attend any concerts, bars, or public places days before the disappearance?
  • Christopher’s vocal loudness (Was he soft-spoken or a loud presence?)
  • Christopher’s relationship with his employer and fellow employees.

Abduction or foul play was their conclusion.

Christopher left his house for work at 8:10 am.  He wasn’t reported missing until 1 pm.  This leaves a 4-5 hour window for the abduction or foul play to take place.  The body could’ve been disposed at any of the surrounding bodies of water or dense woodlands.

This is an official EXIT 9 investigation.

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Christopher Thompkins: (Missing in Harris County)

EXIT 9 Investigations: Series 1 – Christopher Thompkins: (Missing in Harris County)

Mysteries seem to arise quite a bit in Harris County, Georgia.  Christopher Thompkins left his house at 8:10 am on January 25, 2002, for a typical day at-work; this day was far from average though – Christopher vanished into thin air and has never been seen again.  The case has stumped top law enforcement officers and web sleuths ever since. 

*All photos of the crime scene in this investigative article are credited to Vistaramic Journey.

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Thompkins was one of four surveyors assigned to a stretch of woods located along Warm Springs Road and Georgia 85, adjacent to County Line Road.  He was working with his three co-workers, spaced-out 50 feet from each other and walking in the same direction – he was also the last one in the line.  Thompkins and the co-worker in front of him were engaged in a conversation within eyesight of each other; the co-worker turned his head for a split second, by the time he looked back, Thompkins was gone.

Screenshot-2018-7-7 Missing Persons - Christopher Tompkins(3)

One of the co-workers eventually phoned their boss around 1 p.m. to inform them of Christopher’s disappearance; they then called 911 to report that he had simply vanished.  Christopher Thompkins’ mother (Mrs. Ann Mckenzie) wasn’t contacted about her son’s disappearance until 4:15 that evening.  Law Enforcement Officer’s relayed to the Thompkins family that they had to wait 24 hours to file a missing person’s report.  The Thompkins’ family rallied together volunteers and searched the area for Christopher.

They found the following items along the fence-line near where he was working.

  • Work Boot hanging on the barbed wire fence with specs of blood on it
  • Work tools
  • A blue fiber from his pants
  • 12 cents



Screenshot-2018-7-7 Missing Persons - Christopher Tompkins(1)Screenshot-2018-7-7 Missing Persons - Christopher Tompkins(1)Screenshot-2018-7-7 Missing Persons - Christopher Tompkins(2)



  • One of Christopher’s co-workers hired a lawyer. 
  • Another one (unidentified time period) went to prison for an unrelated crime and was administered a lie-detector test regarding Christopher’s disappearance; reports are conflicted on whether he passed or not.



Christopher’s second work boot is found miles away near private property off I-85.

Screenshot-2018-7-7 Missing Persons - Christopher Tompkins(2)


Christopher’s boss stated Thompkins was acting “strangely” before his disappearance.  Christopher’s mother has denounced this and said that her son was normal as usual.

Christopher’s mother worked as a babysitter for Christopher’s boss.

The police believe that Christopher “walked off the job site” leaving his shoe and other belongings.

None of the co-workers were officially interrogated.

The GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) has had over 20 different agents work on the case.  There’s a new GBI agent on the matter. 

Christopher is 5’7, 124 pounds.  Located on the right arm, he has a tattoo of an ice cream cone with his name inscribed within it; a joker’s head wearing a hat is attached to the top of the cone.

He was wearing a black shirt with a gray plaid jacket with a gray hood, a black skull cap, a black watch, navy blue Dickie work pants, and tan FUBU work boots.


0 UXAeuGq5T5pI_NT9Thompkins mug


  What are the clues to follow in the Christoper Thompkins case?  How dense of a wooded area is the crime scene?  What checklist did a retired F.B.I agent present for the investigation?  These questions are explored in PART II.

Want to be an EXIT 9 Investigator?   The EXIT 9 Christopher Thompkins case file allows you in-depth access to exclusive evidence and information only provided via the docuseries and our case files – follow the investigation as it happens.

This is an official EXIT 9 investigation.

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