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9-FILES – The Breitbart Toe Tag EP 1: Inside the life of a true crime investigator

Have you ever wanted to walk in the shoes of a true-crime investigator? 9-FILES is an EXIT 9 investigative docu-series that allows you front-row access to the daily life of Press Graye –

Press Graye has investigated and worked with families of homicides, missing persons, and suspicious deaths. Each case will be featured in the 9-FILES format.

Enter the DOCU SERIES BASED ON THE BOOK “THE BREITBART CORONER”: Michael Cormier performed a private autopsy on journalist Andrew Breitbart and died a few weeks later from arsenic poisoning.

The weird part? Michael died on the same day Andrew Breitbart’s autopsy report was released.  

If you’d like to own a copy of “The Breitbart Coroner: The Arsenic Death of Michael Cormier” –

This is an official EXIT 9 investigation.

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