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Christopher Thompkins Part III: (Interview with Thompkins’ family)

EXIT 9 Investigations: Series 1 – Christopher Thompkins PART III: (Interview with Thompkins’ Family & the FACTS)

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The case of Christopher Thompkins has been shrouded in mystery since 2002. The onslaught of popularity the case has received has mostly been negative and connected to tales of wild animals and even the elusive “bigfoot”.

We have the facts. And here they are.

1. Christopher Thompkins didn’t disappear in a thick patch of woods.

2. His co-workers have provided contradicting information based on their statements to Christopher’s family and law enforcement.

3. There is a clear-view of suspicion on the co-workers; their names have never been released.

4. In our investigation, we will provide the names of the co-workers, their connection to Christopher, and any animosity between them.

Exit 9 traveled to Columbus, Georgia, and interviewed Christopher Thompkins’ mother and activist Mr. A. Carter. A snippet of the interview is below.

We are going to bring you a full-length documentary and book that tells the truth behind Christopher’s disappearance.


This is an official EXIT 9 investigation.

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