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The Breitbart Coroner Book

To mark the eight years since Andrew Breitbart died, The Breitbart Coroner is releasing March 1, 2020. Breitbart died mysteriously on the same day he was to release videos on President Obama showcasing his radical roots. On March 4, 2012, a Los Angeles Coroner’s Tech, Michael Cormier, along with Dr. David Posey performed a private autopsy on Breitbart.

Michael Cormier died six weeks later from the digestion of inorganic arsenic, on the same day Breitbart’s prelim autopsy report was released. Cormier and Breitbart automatically became connected. The Los Angeles Coroner’s Office released statements denying that Michael worked on Breitbart’s autopsy. Michael’s stomach contents, before they could be tested for point-of-origin, were destroyed by the very office he had worked for.

The book is the follow-up to our original three articles on the case.

I’m Press Graye, an investigative writer and filmmaker. The Breitbart Coroner is a true crime investigation that examines my journey into a Los Angeles County Coroner’s Technician, Michael Cormier, and his unsolved death by arsenic poisoning.

Confidential sources, eyewitnesses, a retired F.B.I. agent and family members of Michael Cormier provide testimony and physical evidence to prove that Michael performed a private autopsy on conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart. They believe Michael’s death is a cover-up that resulted in evidence destroyed by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office.

What happens when a conspiracy theory becomes a conspiracy fact? I found out first-hand.

“Everything you are about to read has been checked and rechecked for accuracy. Mike’s story is not over. There are still many answers that need to come. I believe that there are still chapters to be added to this book, and as the truth unfolds, they will be. The entire Cormier family and I wish to thank Press Graye for all that you have put into this and for not giving up on our brother when so many others have. You will hold a special place forever in our hearts.” – Ed Cormier





Screenshot_2020-03-30 The Breitbart Coroner A True Crime Tale of a Los Angeles Coroner's Tech and his connection to Andrew [...](1)Screenshot_2020-03-30 The Breitbart Coroner A True Crime Tale of a Los Angeles Coroner's Tech and his connection to Andrew [...]



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