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Shawn Lucas PART III: (D.C. Evidence – DNC-Process Server Shawn Lucas and evidence provided by his girlfriend at-the-time)

EXIT 9 Investigations: Series 1 – Shawn Lucas PART III: (D.C. Evidence – DNC-Process Server Shawn Lucas and evidence provided by his girlfriend at-the-time)

We now release the last of the Savannah King interview. Savannah dated Shawn Lucas at-the-time of his mysterious death.

You can read Part I and Part II of the interview.


EXIT 9 INVESTIGATIONS asked Savannah King about any suspicious details she noticed concerning Shawn’s body and the crime scene.  EXIT 9 INVESTIGATIONS present her statement, in-full.

When I went to identify his body at the coroner’s facility with his family, I noticed a second scratch on his left upper cheek, and his upper lip was bruised and puffy. As if something of someone punched him in his mouth. 

That same day I came back to our apartment with his brother, and when walking into the bathroom for the first time since his passing, I found his front tooth on the ground lying on our bathmat. That raised even more suspicions to his brother and me. Also, we searched for any signs of struggle, for example, was the shower curtain tugged or mangled? Were there any marks or dings on the walls? Or if anything seemed out of place? We found nothing like that, though. 

I question the fact that if he fell and hit his head how the gash would be on the top middle of his head? How could something so hard knock out his tooth? Where did these marks on his cheeks come from? An even bigger question, why were his keys, phone, and wallet just sitting in our sink? I ask this to myself because he 100% of the time hangs up his keys next to our front door, and places his wallet on our front entrance table.



The autopsy report stated that his drug report showed a combination of 3 drugs, including fentanyl, kratom, and a muscle relaxer. The muscle relaxers he was prescribed. That showing up in his system wasn’t a surprise to me. The fentanyl and kratom have my mind blown and confused. So the cause was considered “combined adverse effects of drugs.” The report did not make any note at any point about the suspicious marks on several parts of his body though.
Screenshot_2019-09-15 Shawn Lucas (D C Suspicions)(4)
A detailed and thorough report stating and going thru each area of his body that all was in perfect condition. I have reasons to believe the autopsy report was tampered with and false. I, unfortunately, I was not able to get further information about it since Shawn and I were not married, and me only being a girlfriend, I couldn’t dig further into this case surrounding his death. I begged his mother to do some research more on his death, but she refused to believe it was anything more than an overdose.”


Shawn Lucas and his girlfriend Savannah King lived in the Dupont Circle district of Washington D.C. This is two miles from the Bloomingdale district where DNC-Employee Seth Rich was murdered.



According to Savannah, Detective Greene, badge #02-1515 and D.C. Metro Officer Fitzgerald #7673 laughed at her when she made a comment about Shawn’s death possibly being connected to Seth Rich’s murder.

The police state that his death was all due to an accidental overdose. They deemed it unrelated to any political retaliation. In fact, laughed in my face when I brought that up to them. Given Seth Rich, who got shot minutes away from our neighborhood just days prior. My gut tells me they know something and aren’t telling the public, keeping dirty secrets that they know would get the public fuming.


  • The police didn’t question any neighbors nor Savannah King.
  • The police examined the crime scene in the apartment for five-six hours.
  • The police left-behind Shawn’s tooth.  A vital piece of evidence.
  • The police didn’t find the keys and wallet in the sink suspicious.
  • The police treated Shawn’s death as a “natural death”.
  • The police found no trace of drugs in the apartment. No Fentanyl and no Kratom.
  • The D.C. Medical Examiner tested for Fentanyl and Kratom – results were positive.


We asked Savannah King what type of person Shawn Lucas was.

Shawn was, without a doubt, the friend that you would be super grateful to have. He’d drop anything to make sure his loved ones and friends were taken care of, and he helped in ways unimaginable, going above and beyond. He had the biggest heart and brought out the best in everyone.

He was the life of the party and did a kick-ass job spreading positivity everywhere he went. He was a hard worker, dedicated to anything he did in life, chased his dreams, and succeeded. He made such an impact on the lives of so many people, he was a true legend in the DC area, and people looked up to him; he was the greatest mentor and sweetest soul. I could write novels more on who he was, but words can’t even describe the type of amazing man he was.

EXIT 9 Investigations is producing a docu-series based on our cases.  Shawn Lucas will be featured, as we are showing a reenactment, providing new evidence, and eyewitness statements.

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This is an official EXIT 9 investigation.

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